Bradley Dundas

Bradley Dundas runs the think Osteopathy clinic in downtown London, Ontario, Canada.

Bradley earned his Bachelor of Arts in English and then a Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology and Pharmacology from the University of Western Ontario while working at the London Health Sciences Centre. He worked on a full-time and casual basis there for almost ten years and gained valuable experience working in the departments of Nursing, Non-invasive Cardiac Testing, Pulmonary Functions Testing and Pathology. He achieved registration as a Cardiology Technologist and received training as an Autopsy Master. Bradley spent most of his career, however, as a Sales Executive in the healthcare sector.

For almost 20 years Mr. Dundas sold pharmaceuticals, opto-electronics, imaging, software, automation and robotics to physicians, pharmacists, hospitals and universities across Canada and the US.

Bradley graduated from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy with a Master of Osteopathic Manual Science (MOMSc.) in 2012 and as a classically trained guitarist, has a special interest in performing artists. He is a professional member of the Performance Arts Medicine Association.

He is father and step-father to 6 children and two grandchildren.