Nutrition Therapy

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Let Ananda's team of experienced registered dieticians help you achieve your health and fitness goals once and for all.

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Goals of Ananda's Nutritional Therapy Program:

To provide individualized nutrition care plans based on the client’s concerns and needs
To set realistic and attainable dietary goals for long term success
To clear the confusion about healthy eating by providing simplified tips
To provide meal solutions specific to the client’s needs and preferences
To provide dietary guidance specific to chronic disease management and prevention
To support clients in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight
To focus on gradual lifestyle changes towards reaching optimal health

The patient at the Ananda Clinic can expect:

The Ananda program will help the patient develop dietary goals and nutrition management. The client’s current medical/health history, medication and supplement intake, nutrition concerns or goals, and a diet review will form the bases for required therapy. Each session will allow you to further expand nutrition knowledge, increase confidence with meal preparation, and develop healthy food behaviours. Ananda also has the ability to create online sessions that can be completed in the comfort of the client’s own home via telemedicine.

Meet Andrea Fennell

Andrea is originally from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Andrea has a natural love for the ocean but her true passion is helping others optimize their health through nutrition. She understands the vital role that our food choices play on both our physical
and mental health.