Respiratory / Sleep Therapy


At the essence of our health and well-being is a simple act that most of us take for granted: the ability to take a breath. But for many, breathing is a constant battle.

As the head of Ananda’s respiratory and sleep therapy division, Dan Elliot draws on several years experience, first as a paramedic working in emergency and rescue departments and then as a trained respiratory and sleep therapist. Dan’s deep rooted knowledge of the respiratory system and what it needs to thrive combined with Ananda’s leading technology and equipment, allow him to analyze, diagnose and treat hundreds of patients seeking to regain maximum pulmonary function.

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What many of the nearly 40% of Canadians who reported suffering from insomnia or some sort of sleep apnea don’t realize, is that much of their sleep issues begin with how they breathe. The link between breathing and good night’s sleep is essential and here at Ananda, we know how to ensure our patients are breathing correctly to get the sleep they need to live full, healthy lives.

Here at Ananda, we will:

Obtain and analyze physiological specimens
Interpret physiological data
Perform tests and studies of the cardiopulmonary system
Perform neurophysiological studies
Perform sleep disorder studies
Provide Counselling and Education on Asthma, COPD Management and Smoking Cessation
Administer Oxygen and Positive air pressure (CPAP) when required

Meet, Dan Elliott

Dan comes to us with many years of emergency medicine and rescue experience and was considered an airway management expert by his peers.